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I feel I'm on life number 8 out my 9 cat lives. My eight lives started with my humble beginnings in Minnesota and continue to my current retirement. Here they are:

Number One -Life on the Farm

Number Two - College Days

Number Three - Working in Africa

Number Four-Failing in Business

Number Five - Grant maker

Number Six - Teacher

Number Seven - Teacher Mentor

Number Eight – Retired to the Thai jungle and bought an elephant

Number Nine – The Best Is Yet To Come!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life Number 8 - I'm on a billboard in Chiang Mai!

"I've seen your picture!" was a comment I've heard from Thai and foreigners ever since I arrived here in Thailand about a month ago.  "You're picture is on a big sign, drinking out of a wooden cup!"  I had to find out!

Sunday I visited the Thai Elephant Camp.  I really am fascinated by elephants!  The mahouts greeted me like a long lost relative, rushing up and giving me hugs!  Thai bow.... they don't give hugs!
Look closely at the following sign.  See anyone you know?

 Just in case you're having trouble..... here is a close up of one section of the sign...

Yes.... that's me!  Drinking coffee the morning after my night camping out in the Thai jungle a year ago!

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  1. Did you Photoshop that sign photo? MM