Cat Tales - stories from my 8 lives

I feel I'm on life number 8 out my 9 cat lives. My eight lives started with my humble beginnings in Minnesota and continue to my current retirement. Here they are:

Number One -Life on the Farm

Number Two - College Days

Number Three - Working in Africa

Number Four-Failing in Business

Number Five - Grant maker

Number Six - Teacher

Number Seven - Teacher Mentor

Number Eight – Retired to the Thai jungle and bought an elephant

Number Nine – The Best Is Yet To Come!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eight of nine.... doing fine!

It is said cat's have nine lives


I'm on life 8 and doing great! 

Life Number One:       Farm - 18 years         
Life Number Two:      College - 5 years    
Life Number Three:    Africa - 18 years   
Life Number Four:      Business - 2 years 
Life Number Five:      Grants - 4 years    
Life Number Six:        Teacher - 6 years  
Life Number Seven:   Mentor - 8 years  
Life Number Eight:     Retire - 2010 just begun! 
Life Number Nine:


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